Key Steps To Follow When Involved In A Bicycle Accident

Top 4 Steps to Take After Getting into a Bike Accident

You are riding your bike to go on errands, and before you know it, a car hits you. This collision can result in several injuries, with some of them being severe and can even take months to heal. When you find yourself in this situation, and someone else is responsible for the injuries, you will need to be compensated for the pain, suffering, and damages. 


Below are some of the steps you should follow after you are involved in a bicycle accident.

#1- Gather Evidence At The Scene Of The Accident.

Even though you are in a hurry, it is essential to wait for the police to arrive before leaving the scene of the accident. The police will need to file a report. If possible, you should get the contact information of the at-fault driver. Ask them the following:

  1. Their Full Name And Phone Number.

  2. The Auto Insurance Company And Policy Number.

  3. The Driver’s License.

  4. The Make, Year And Model Of The Vehicle.

  5. The License Plate Number.

It is crucial to know that the at-fault driver may apologize for the accident. As much as you will be tempted to accept the apology and say that you are fine, you should not. This is because those words may be used against you by the insurance company to deny or limit your claim. Therefore, you should wait for the police to document everything in their report. You should also take photos of the accident scene if possible.

#2- Get Treatment.

It is crucial to get prompt medical care and document the injuries to ensure that you have a strong case. Even though you feel okay, it is always advised to get checked by a doctor since some injuries may take longer to show any symptoms. Some of these injuries include neck and back injuries that take several days before they show any signs.

Examples of injuries that you will suffer are fractures, concussion, whiplash injuries, collar bone, and dental injuries. It is crucial to tell the doctor of all symptoms that you are experiencing even though they are mild, since they may indicate a more severe condition. Keep all the medical receipts well as they will be needed when filing your claim. It is also crucial to take several photos of the injuries incurred immediately after the accident.

#3- Preserve The Evidence.

In case your bicycle was damaged due to the accident, do not attempt to fix it. Leave everything as it was since it will be considered as evidence. Also, do not wash your clothing since you will need it later in the case. Also, take photos of all the equipment that was damaged and ensure that you have all the evidence, intact.


#4- Seek Advice From A Lawyer.

You will have to consult a personal injury attorney to help you out with your case. You will need to tell them what happened and show them the evidence you have to see if your case is strong enough to take to court. They will advise you on how to proceed, negotiate with the insurance company, and if nothing positive comes of it, represent you in a lawsuit. Ensure that you talk with your attorney before talking to anyone from the insurance company since anything you say may be used against you later on.

When involved in a bicycle accident, it is vital to ensure that you follow the steps above to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Avoid talking to insurance adjusters since they may lure you with lower offers than what you rightfully deserve.

Ensure that you get a personal injury lawyer that you trust and that is credible since that will either make or break your case.    Lakota R. Denton is an experienced personal injury attorney who has helped people involved in bike and pedestrian accidents. The firm offers a free consultation and has over 70 five star reviews on Google. 

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