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Pedestrian Accidents – Not an Unusual Scene

Do you know that North Carolina is one of the states in the US with the highest number of pedestrian accidents and deaths? It is shocking news, but reports suggest, there was an increase of 4% pedestrian deaths due to car accidents from 2017 in 2018. Experts believe that a pedestrian is killed in a traffic accident every two hours in North Carolina.


North Carolina Pedestrian Accident Stats

If you thought that the two-hour time gap was not enough, you would be rolling your eyes when you hear that there is a pedestrian injured every eight minutes in an accident in North Carolina. If you dig deeper into the reports, you will see that there are more than 70,000 pedestrian injuries and over 4,000 deaths per year.

North Carolina is the only state in the US that accounts for 11.2% of deaths in traffic fatalities. In the state of Virginia, there were 122 fatalities in pedestrian accidents in 2016 – which thankfully places it in one of the “safer” states compared to over 40 others. Washington DC came in as the safest, with 26.

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