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The speed and excitement of taking to the open road on a motorcycle has made lovers of the wind in the hair and simply exploring with others who share the same passion one of the largest and most actively growing consumer market groupings.


And one of the reasons for this excitement and the popularity of the motorcycle experience is that members of the glitterati, including actors, have sometimes overestimated their skills or been subject to motorcycle accidents through no fault of their own – and sometimes the results have been life-changing.

Sometimes the result of these motorcycle accidents involves only a trip to the ER and then home again – sometimes the results have been far more serious.  If you have been involved in a serious motorcycle crash, you will need the services of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

One of the most iconic actors of the Silver Screen – Arnold Schwarzenegger was tremendously lucky. He collided with a car that was reversing in 2006. The Terminator star walked away only requiring 15 stitches to his lip. It could have been much worse – for both him and his son Patrick who was in a sidecar – but walked away unscathed.

Things were a bit more serious (understatement) for Keanu Reeves in 1988. His motorcycle accident saw him having his spleen removed. That year also saw actor Gary Busey involved in a motorcycle accident that very nearly robbed him of his life. Busey was not wearing a helmet and suffered a badly fractured skull.

He suffered severe and permanent brain damage. many co-workers have noted that his sometimes outrageous on and off screen antics seem to have been caused by that terrible injury.

However, the list of actors who had motorcycle accidents is far more extensive than just these three.

Peter Fonda is one of the most recognized actors in the world- not least because of his starring role in the iconic movie \’Easy Rider\’ which (among other things) epitomized the freedom and existential angst of the \’hippy culture of the 1960s.

The road trip on motorcycles by the stars Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson may have foreshadowed a serious accident to Fonda who, in 1964 was traveling down Mulholland Drive in (in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains – Southern California), wearing only a bathing suit and a pair of loafers when he collided with a car while on his Triumph motorcycle. He was lucky enough to only suffer a lacerated back and having his hipbone exposed to the open air – although \’lucky\’ may be an overstatement.

Other Famous Actors involved in Motorcycle Wrecks

The French actor Gerard Depardieu seems to be a serial Motorcycle accident victim. He has had numerous mishaps over the course of his time on two wheels. In 1988 he was involved in a potentially catastrophic accident and once again in Paris in 2003. He walked away from both. A high blood alcohol level was a factor in at least 1988 incident.

The list of actors who had motorcycle accidents goes on and on. Add to the above the names of Lauren Hutton, Adrien Brody, Erik Estrada (of CHIPS fame), David Hasselhoff and Jay Leno.

Motorcycles are wonderful for those who want to get on the road and enjoy the feeling of freedom and power that these machines supply. However, then reading about actors who had motorcycle accidents there are some issues that become abundantly clear.

The correct equipment and protective gear are absolutely essential. A number of actors on this brief list who have experienced almost miraculous escapes from serious injury by ignoring common sense when it comes to precautions such as wearing a helmet shows the importance of common sense.

If you are climbing on board a motorcycle exercise that common sense. You are part of a machine/rider combination that will be hurled at the horizon at high speed. Your situational awareness and precautions need to be a core part of your motorcycling experience.


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