Utah Personal Injury Lawyers Say You Should Call Tow Truck No Matter What

If you car has damage that appears to make it unsafe to drive, call a tow truck. If it has any rubbing, squeaking, leaking, or doesn’t roll straight, call a tow truck even though it may not look like a total loss. Driving your car away from the scene conveys to an insurance company that your accident was a minor one.

You should call the police every time that you are in a car accident and request that they come to the accident scene and make a report. They may tell you that they will not come unless you need a tow truck or have an injury. Therefore, if you hare having any symptoms at the scene, report those when calling the police, and they should send out an officer to take a report. Do not assume that the person who just admitted causing the accident will maintain that responsibility. Often their story will change if no one is there to put the blame on them.

Don’t assume that the police will talk to every witness or that all of the witnesses will wait around for the police to show up. If you are able, write down the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses who stopped to assist you. Also take a few photos with your cell phone if you are able. Skid marks, collision debris in the road, and damage to the other car are often hard to get and easily lost if not captured right away.

This is the most important factor. If you have a serious injury that has a big effect on your life you should expect more compensation than someone who has a minor injury that heals up quickly. A disc herniation that may require surgery is more valuable than a herniation that won’t require surgery. And, a herniated disc is more valuable than a mere bulge.


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