Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyers Sponsor Hit-and-Run Reward Program

The Sacramento personal injury lawyers at the law firm of Demas & Rosenthal have agreed to serve as the Sacramento area sponsor of the Hit-and-Run Reward Program, which is a program designed to make highways safer by encouraging witnesses to report information regarding hit-and-run drivers involved in serious California car accidents. Those who report a driver will remain and anonymous and will be eligible for a reward if the report results in a criminal conviction.

Although many hit and run accidents involve only property damage, statistics show that when a hit and run driver leaves the scene of an injury accident, the victim is usually dead or seriously injured. California has one of the highest percentages of traffic deaths caused by hit and run drivers. California law makes it a crime to leave the scene of an accident without stopping. Leaving the scene of a property damage only accident is a misdemeanor, while leaving the scene of a collision in which someone suffers serious bodily injury is a felony. Despite these potential penalties, too many safe drivers are injured every day by irresponsible drivers who cause hit and run collisions. In many cases the hit and run driver is never found to be held accountable.

In an effort to combat hit and run driving, the Sacramento personal injury attorneys at Demas & Rosenthal will pay a cash reward to people who call (800) 870-4470 and provide an anonymous tip that leads to the conviction of a hit and run driver who was involved in a Sacramento area car accident. The information provided will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency for follow-up investigation.


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