Rising Gas Prices Putting Pedestrians in Danger, Florida Injury Lawyers Say

With the prices of gas rising and many individuals choosing to walk instead of drive, more pedestrians are in danger than ever before say Florida Personal Injury Attorneys. The design of roads is failing to provide adequate safety for walkers and the pedestrian fatality rates are increasing.

Many people are realizing that some pedestrian deaths could have been avoided by a better design of the streets. Shockingly, twelve percent of the fatalities that are occurring on the roads are coming from pedestrian deaths. Even more shocking is the fact that funding for pedestrian safety is at an all time low (1.5%) explains Florida Personal Injury Attorneys at Grossman Roth. Another finding is that the majority of pedestrian fatalities are occurring on main roads that contain many cars and many lanes of high-speed traffic. These dangerous roads almost never have crosswalks or even sidewalks, which means that pedestrians lack any safe means for travel. Many times share the Florida Personal Injury Attorneys, there aren\’t even medians located on these busy roads.

Some groups of people are shown to be affected by pedestrian deaths than others reveal the Florida Personal Injury Attorneys. Many individuals with low-income do not have the means to drive and are therefore forced to walk to their destinations. Children and young teens are also forced to walk due to their inability to even operate a motor vehicle at that age. Unfortunately, senior citizens have double the chance of being killed when walking confirms Florida Personal Injury Attorneys at Grossman Roth. This is due to the fact that many senior citizens can not rush quickly across four lanes of traffic to reach the other side. Many elderly men and woman are also more likely to succumb to any injuries sustained from an accident.

Unfortunately, Florida wins the award for the worst example of pedestrian safety. Upon research, the top 4 areas that are most dangerous to pedestrians are all located in the sunshine state. Florida also wins the award for having the highest rate of death for pedestrians in the whole nation.


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