Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Before you hire a personal injury lawyer, you will probably meet for a consultation to discuss your case. Your personal injury consultation is designed to introduce you to your lawyer and help you get to know each other. It is also designed to give you time to learn about the legal process and to have all of your questions answered.

Questions to Ask About Your Personal Injury Case

During your personal injury claim consultation, you will want to ask questions to help you determine if this is the right lawyer for you, learn about the legal process and determine if you have a claim worth pursuing.

First, determine the qualifications of the attorney. Do not hesitate to ask your personal injury lawyer these questions. If the attorney is committed to helping you and protecting your rights, he will be happy to answer them before proceeding.

– What types of personal injury cases have you filed?
– Do you experience with my type of personal injury case?
– What is your role within the law firm?
– Will you be handling my case or will another lawyer from your firm be handling it?
– How long has your firm been in practice and how long have you personally been in practice?
– Does your firm mainly handle personal injury claims?
– What fees do you charge and how do you charge for services?
– How will you charge me if I do not get compensation for my injuries?

If you are comfortable with the experience the attorney has, proceed to questions about your specific claim:

– What type of personal injury case do I have?
– What are my rights and how do I protect them?
– How will the insurance company be handled?
– Do I speak directly to the insurance company or will you handle this?
– What information do you need from me to file my claim?
– How long will my personal injury case take to settle?
– What compensation am I entitled to?
– Is my family entitled to compensation?
– What is the legal process?
– How long do I have to file my claim?

Each state has different laws that govern how personal injury claims are filed. Most personal injury claims must be filed within 2 years of the accident. Your experienced personal injury lawyer will make sure your claim is filed within the appropriate time period and that your rights are protected. He will explain the actions you must take and paper work that is required to properly file your claim.

Depending on your personal injury and the type of accident that caused your injury, you may be entitled to compensation for:

– Pain and suffering
– Prescriptions
– Hospital stays
– Doctor visits
– Rehabilitation
– Physical therapy
– Lost wages
– Loss of companionship
– At home care


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