Personal Injury Lawyers: Do You Live in a Dangerous City

The top 11 U.S. cities with the highest crime risk index are Cleveland, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Baltimore, Miami, Memphis, Detroit, Birmingham, Orlando, Atlanta and St. Louis, with Cleveland having the lowest index score and St. Louis having the highest.

Shockingly say Personal Injury Attorneys, St. Louis has a crime risk index of 530, which is more than five times the national average. However, there seems to be hope for St. Louis residents in the future. The St. Louis Police Department confirms that the major crimes in their city in 2010 actually decreased by 9.2% from their 2009 levels. According to Personal Injury Lawyers, many officials of St. Louis are upset with crime rankings because they believe that the reports fail to give an accurate picture nationwide due to the fact that not all cities report crime data the same way.

Regardless of the city that one lives in, it is important to contact a Personal Injury Attorney if one is a victim of a dangerous crime. For more Personal Injury Lawyer news visit


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