Florida Gov. Looks to Make PIP Coverage Optional

Florida drivers should have the option to forgo purchasing what is now mandatory auto personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, says Gov. Rick Scott.

Following the failure of lawmakers this year to reform the state’s no-fault auto law, Scott has now suggested that the mandated PIP coverage should be lifted.

“We’ve got to pass a law that allows citizens the choice of what type of automobile insurance coverage they want,” said Scott on a Miami Spanish-language radio station.

Currently, the state requires drivers to carry at least $10,000 in PIP insurance and insurers are required to pay 80 percent of the claim, regardless of which driver is at fault. The law was designed to ensure that drivers have some coverage and eliminate the need to litigate small claims. Insurers, however, say the mandatory coverage has become a target for millions in fraudulent claims and expenses paid to unscrupulous medical providers and lawyers.

Scott’s office said the governor hasn’t developed any specific legislative proposals on the issue and that Scott was just laying out his public policy position.


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