Famous People Who Have Died in Car Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents – Famous People Who Have Died

In November 2013, the world was left stunned by the sudden death of Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker. The 40-year-old died while riding with friend Roger Rodas in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT at 90 mph. Rodas lost control and the Porsche slammed into a light pole before bursting into flames.







James Dean

In September 1955, 24-year-old James Dean collided with another car on US Route 466. The heartthrob and racing enthusiast died at the scene. Just a week before, fellow actor Alec Guinness told Dean, \”If you get in that car, you will be found dead in it by this time next week.\”

Grace Kelly

In September 1982, actress turned princess Grace Kelly suffered a stroke while driving and drove off a cliff. She had major injuries and was taken off life support the next day. Her daughter, Princess Stephanie, survived the crash.

Randy Macho Man Savage

In May 2011, Randy \”Macho Man\” Savage suffered a heart attack while driving and crashed his Jeep into a tree. Savage died from his heart attack, but his wife, Barbara Lynn, survived the crash.

Ryan Dunn

After risking his life performing deadly pranks on TV, Jackass star Ryan Dunn crashed his Porsche 911 into a guardrail before it burst into flames. According to the police report, Dunn had an alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit and was driving at 130 mph. Dunn and his passenger Zachary Hartwell were killed.

Car crashes and serious automobile accidents claim people every single day, if your a normal regular guy or a world famous actor like James Dean with his whole life ahead of him.   LEARN from these tragic accidents and be careful when driving and DO NOT SPEED or Drive Wreckless.


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