Can You Switch Personal Injury Lawyers?

Personal Injury Attorneys – Choosing New

Of course you can, you can do anything you want! Yet usually when you have a PI lawyer, they are doing everything on contingency and they only get paid if you collect.


Also they may have done a ton of work and you are far along in the process, so it might not make sense to switch.  Yet if just feel you have to change, it is possible of course.   Just goto Google and do another search for Personal Injury Lawyers or Car Accident Attorneys!

The success of your medical negligence claim or personal injury will depend on your choice of lawyer. You may realize that you are not happy with the service you are receiving until you are halfway into the case. Many people feel confused at this stage. So, can you switch injury lawyers? What do you need to know? We will find that out below.


Can You Switch Injury Lawyers? Possible Reasons

Many reasons may make one want to change their injury lawyer. Some of them include:

• Concern on the quality of service that you are receiving.

• Unhappiness with the speed at which your case is progressing.

• The client has lost faith in the lawyer\’s ability to win the case.

• The client has established that the lawyer has a conflict of interest.

• The client cannot trust the lawyer anymore.

• The lawyer failed to explain the strategy that he or she has planned to follow to win the case.

Steps To Changing The Injury Lawyer.

• Decide to do it.

• Choose a new injury lawyer. Meet with the new lawyer if you can. They should speak to you on a free and no obligation basis.

• Complete and sign a Form of Authority. This will be sent to you by the new lawyer. The document will then be sent to the previous solicitor and will authorize the release of the file papers to the new lawyer.


During this process, your previous lawyer should not contact you. All they need to do is to send all your case papers to the new lawyer.

Once one has decided to part ways with their injury lawyer, they need to start looking for and interviewing other personal injury lawyers to take up the task.

Goto Google or a law firm directory and find a new accident lawyer. You should also give them time to familiarise themselves with the case and any changes that may occur.

This should not be a stressful process, it should go on smoothly.

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