CA Jury Awards $11.7M Settlement to Injured Mechanic

A Marin County jury has awarded $11.7 million to an elevator mechanic who claimed he suffered serious injuries during construction of a San Rafael hotel three years ago.

The claimant accused the general contractor, Spokane,Wash.-based Bison Builders, of failing to maintain a safe work environment at the Extended Stay hotel construction site in 2007.

The claimant\’s attorney, William Veen, tells the Marin Independent Journal the claimant hit his head multiple times on scaffolding that was too low, suffering herniated discs.

Bison Builders disputed that the claimant suffered those injuries at the construction site, pointing out that he didn\’t report them until two months after he hit his head.

The judge on the case could still lower the award. Attorneys are scheduled to appear before her on Jan. 5.


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