Atlanta Injury Attorneys Named 2011 Super Lawyers

The personal injury law firm of Link & Smith has been selected as a 2011 Superlawyer recipient. Link & Smith represents claimants in personal injury cases in the Southeast. Mark Link and Houston Smith have developed a top notch personal injury practice for handling automobile and truck accident cases.

The personal injury firm was founded in 1993. Link & Smith has remained a small firm that makes a large impact by selectively focusing on serious injury personal injury cases. The firm keeps its caseload small and its commitment to clients strong. Each client can get either Mark Link or Houston Smith on the phone to answer questions about their case. Both Mr. Link and Mr. Smith began their careers defending insurance companies against plaintiffs, experience that enables them to find holes in the defense\’s case and unravel the intricacies of determining fault.

The injury lawyers at Link & Smith have the resources to match larger firms, including the latest case preparation technology and the firm has been at the fore-front of texting-while-driving accidents, an enormous danger to American drivers, and has helped clients recover medical costs, time lost from work and even punitive damages in these types of cases. Link & Smith is also highly experienced in personal injury cases involving the Department of Transportation, as well as tractor-trailer accidents. The firm has been successful in showing that truckers, professional drivers in a regulated industry, should be held to higher standards than regular drivers.

The partners frequently share their expertise with the legal community. Link is a frequent speaker at the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) seminars and is the author of the Georgia Law of Damages and Punitive Damages in Georgia books. Houston Smith chairs two ICLE seminars, “Inside the Courtroom; Trial of a Personal Injury Case” and “Winning Settlement Strategies,” and is the author of Soft Tissue Injuries in Georgia treatise.

The trial attorneys at Link & Smith often take on cases that other lawyers reject and some of the firm’s best results have come from cases where liability wasn’t immediately clear, including a notable case where the defense offered a confidential settlement for severe injuries. Link & Smith didn’t settle the case and the jury eventually awarded the plaintiff over $11 million.


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